November 29, 2010

Kelly Moore Bag

I have been eyeing this Kelly Moore camera bag for awhile now.
Isn't it the cutest camera bag you've ever seen? I love all the outside
pockets, the inside padded sections, the cross body strap and most
of all the fact that while using my camera I can leave the bag
unzipped and simply close the bag with the magnetic flap! I'm in
love and well... Christmas is around the corner wonderful husband
of mine. Hint, Hint:-)

March 7, 2009

We're Having A Baby, My Baby and Me

We're having a baby, my baby and me
You'll read it in Winchell's
That we're adding a limb to our family tree
While pushing our carriage
How proud I will be
There's nothing like marriage
Ask your father and mother and they'll agree
He'll (She'll) have toys, baby clothes
He'll (She'll) know he's (she's) come to the right house
By and by, when he (she) grows
Maybe he'll (she'll) live in the White House
Our future looks brighter
But definitely
We're having a baby
Ricky: I bet he's (she's) going to look just like you
Lucy: I hope not
We're having a baby
Lucy: I bet she'll speak with an accent like you
Ricky: She?
We're having a baby
My baby and me

Listen to this song I put it first on my playlist. I LOVE "I Love Lucy"!!!
I always imagined playing this song and somehow telling my husband
the news in some special way. But I was also planning on this special
day happening in a couple of years;-) Anyway I decided to announce the
great news to everyone... though I think by now most everyone knows!!
It's been hard for Rich to keep quite;-) It was a complete surprise to
Rich and I both. When I was really 'late' I didn't think anything of it, then
my sister suggested I take the test. I went out and bought one but didn't
take it until a little over a week later. I just really believed there was NO
way possible we could really be pregnant. I just wanted to share our
excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to be parents SO soon!
It will be quite the adventure. So far everything is going really
well. It was AMAZING to hear our little baby's heartbeat for the first
time!! YAY! Grad school and a baby... how could life possibly get any better?!

Who is our Baby going to look like???

Baby Rich

Baby Eileen

What a HANDSOME little guy Rich is

I think I was a pretty little girl too :-)

March 5, 2009


I am so excited!!!!!! I can't hardly contain myself... Rich thinks I'm being a little silly
right now... BUT I'm not;-) I just want to shout out to the WHOLE world our great
news!!! A couple of weeks ago Rich finished all of his Grad School applications... SO
we've been playing the waiting game. And we have been expecting to wait for a few
more weeks before we would start hearing back. We just found out he got accepted
to the 1st school he applied to!!! YAY!! I am SOOO ECSTATIC!!!! Rich got accepted
to Texas State University in San Marcos Texas!!! It's the biggest and one of the best
geography programs in the US!! We're still waiting to here from the other schools...
BUT let me tell you I would be EXTREMELY HAPPY to be living in Texas! Plus
Boyd's sister and family live right in the area so it would be great to be close to them!!
I just want to share this news to the whole world... I've already woken up my family...
YAY! What a great night!!!!

February 17, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

It's been awhile since our last post. I can't believe we're more than half way through
February!! This past month has been really great for Rich and I. Nothing too eventful
has happened... but it's been fun!

School is a bit less busy this semester which has been SO GREAT! Rich is loving his
research and I am loving counting the days down until we finish;-) Only 2 months to go!
Graduate applications are all turned in now... so we're all just waiting! It's so nice to be
able to check something off the list of to dos.

On Valentine's Day Rich and I went to Red Robin... I have been wanting to go there for
a long time... it was great! And sweet Rich bought me flowers and rented the movie Mama Mia!!!
I couldn't believe it!
I went to go see it with Abby awhile ago and then she gave me
the CD for my birthday... and well Rich has gotten pretty tired of the music;-) BUT he
rented it on Saturday and sat through it with me! Might I add he DID enjoy it too!
Just maybe not so
much when after the movie was over I kept playing some of the sing-a-longs and having
him dance and be silly with me. Rich is the BEST!!! He makes me so happy! I don't know
how I got this lucky!

Then yesterday on our day off we went my FAVORITE place to eat... L&L Hawaiian BBQ.
It may not sound that exciting to anyone else... BUT I LOVE IT!! Katsu Chicken...
YUMMY!!! That is one place I will miss when we leave!

This month I got to work on taking more photos... I've slacked off in that department...
but I will be updating with the few I've taken;-)

December 25, 2008

A White Christmas

Christmas morning is always full of such excitement! I just can't explain all the excitement expressed by the boys! I LOVE IT!! It's just so magical! After opening presents we all had breakfast and played with our gifts. Then got ready for the day and headed to Boyd's parents for the rest of Christmas day! It's always so fun to go other there! Especially this Christmas since Boyd's sister and family came up here! They moved away so the cousins don't get to play together all the time like they use to. It was a great Christmas day!!




Mia really loved playing with Rich and the Jack in the Box. I love how she continually turns and looks up at Rich... SO cute!

I LOVE the excitement! The boys are SO MUCH FUN!




All geared up and ready to go!

Nolan jamming some sweet tunes on the guitar! And Gabby looking pretty for the photo!
nolan on the guitar

A group photo of all the Cousins there!

Christmas Eve 2008

Today we cleaned the house and got ready for our Christmas Eve celebration! Santa came to visit us tonight and give us a preview to all the excitement of Christmas day! For Christmas Eve our tradition is to have a fancy dinner where we all dress up. Then we do some activity like work on a puzzle. Finally we read about the birth of Christ and acted it out with puppets and sing lots of songs on the piano... and this year to Keegan playing the violin and Josh playing the piano. It was great! It was also SO fun to see all the boys excitement for Santa! They sure rushed to bed that night... not that they could fall asleep too quickly!

We also all have a sleepover every Christmas Eve... it’s always been our tradition!

Santa with the kids!

Nolan giving Santa a big hug!

Mia looking at Santa Clause... and look at Keeg and Noli

Santa & Mia

Family shot with the great nativity puppets we use each year... Mary made them!

Josh, Mia, Nolan, & Keegan under the tree


Rich and Mia love each other!!! It's SO cute!


We also made this awesome sledding hill in our own yard! The boys and the Greenhaulgh's... and of course some of us adults had a great time going down!



The snow is still amazing!  In Hillsboro the depth reached to 24 inches!  We enjoyed the morning playing outside with neighbors which we all enjoyed.  We then ran some errands... and THEN went to Costa Vida and the Blazers game!!  All thanks to Boyd... he is beyond the best!!  Costa Vida is the boys favorite place to go... the boys referring to Rich and Boyd.  They both LOVE this place.   After Costa Vida we rode the MAX into Portland for the Blazer game!  We all had a great time at the game.  I LOVE going!  I never thought I would like Basketball so much... but having Rich and Boyd get so into it has made me really love watching it.  Especially now that I am getting to know the players and their strengths.  I also love going to the games and watching my family get SO into it!  Yelling and cheering... it just makes for the best experience!  I am so grateful for all the memories we are able to make together!

Can beat the excitement felt at the game!

Rich and Joshy

Mar, Keeg, Josh, and Me

Rich and I on the MAX... with the weather we've been having everyone was riding the MAX!

Mar and Josh on the MAX

It was freezing cold outside!

All the boys!!  Eating at their favorite place... YUM!

Earlier that day Noli and Jonny enjoyed playing in the snow.


Samantha and Josh making snow angels. 

Keeg carrying a huge chunk of ice.  There was a thick layer of ice over all the snow.

December 24, 2008


We all played outside again today! After playing around our home we went sledding just a few miles away from home. We spent a good chunk of the afternoon out there! We could get some really great speed off the hill and we all had some pretty awesome crashes! Who would of thought we could spend the afternoon sledding so close to home? It was a blast!
All of us!
Rich and Nolan... what handsome boys!
Mary ... watch out!
Josh has got some good speed
Right before the crash
It's On!

Keegan had the most fun of all... No Fear!
Except maybe a little here;-)

Nolan at the top of the hill
I think Keeg is just SO handsome... don't you?
Samantha also had a great time!
Especially riding down the hill with her dad!
She's Gorgeous!
Me and Rich
The "Nolan Sandwich"
We were all hungry after the trip... especially Nolan!
All that hard work wore us out!
Pretty, eh?
Nolan really wanted to get a little too close to these ducks
I also took some great video... which are way fun to watch. But of course being the smart girl I am I took all the videos sideways. So I'll have to work on rotating them so I can post some of those. Also we didn't get many photos of Rich and I sledding... just video. Dang!